Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

Today was very fun and exciting! We woke up early and sailed to West End, the same place where we began the trip. It was interesting to see how we had gone to so many places and ended up where we first began. It reminded me of Mike’s quote about how its the journey, not the destination that counts. While we were at West End, my friends and I went shopping at the local shops to buy gifts for our friend and family. We also enjoyed eating some subs at the deli. After lunch, we set sail again to Great Harbour, Peter Island. Here we dove a wreck called the Fearless. I enjoyed this because I love wreck diving and I thought this was a very cool one. Then we anchored in the calm and swam to the beach. After about half an hour at the beach, we headed back to the boat to see a rescue scenario performed by VISAR, the local emergency service for boaters and divers. It was really interesting to see how professionals performed their rescue scenarios similar to how we do in our training. I am sad this trip is coming to an end, but I am very glad because it has been a life changing experience.