Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we woke up bright and early to go dive a wreck named the Fearless. I have been waiting to do this dive for all ten days we have been here We splashed in a dive spot which felt like it was in the middle of the ocean. We were all a little nervous, but it all went away when we realized it was just another dive. The wreck was at about 80ft, and it was awesome! We got to see all different kinds of fish too. After we had some chill time while we pumped tanks for our next dive, while we set up our gear, our instructor told us we would be doing this dive with indirect supervision! This was a big step for all of us. We all had a lot of fun and gained way more confidence in our abilities diving without an instructor. Later on, we cooked thanksgiving dinner, and Mike joined us to eat and do an exercise with black and white postcards. We had to pick one card that represented something we like about ourselves and another that represented something we wanted to improve on. We are now cleaning up dinner before having some chill time.