Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

After a relatively restless night for some of us, we woke to the oft-heard sound of the morning CD playing. After our breakfast of cereal, we did the dishes in record time and sailed out of Great Harbour, Peter and made our way to Cooper Island where we dove a series of side-by-side wrecks, including but not limited to the Kissing Wrecks (where two boats sunk so close to each other that they are touching), the Inganis (a tugboat), and the outskirts of Blue Chromis Reef, which is where we first saw the dolphins earlier in the session. For the Neptunes, this dive was a wreck dive which went toward their specialty, but for us Dolphins it was a fun dive. When we surfaced, it was time for some well-deserved chilling. At least, it was for the Neptunes! The Dolphins had to work on our projects and presentations. We also finally got most of our grades back, and everybody passed! I am very proud of my fellow shipmates for their high achievements! There was also a second optional dive in the same area, but all of the Dolphins opted to stay on the boat to work on our presentation. Currently, we are waiting to get a chance for practicing them in front of Blair, who can hopefully give us some useful tips and tricks to help us shine. I have the utmost confidence in all of us and cannot wait to hear the other groups presentations!