Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We had an early day today, we released anchor at 5:30 AM, but most of the crew could sleep for a little longer with the soft movement of the boat through the waves. We ate breakfast on our way to the dive site, delicious bagels and yogurt, which was devoured by our eager crew in mere seconds. Once breakfast was finished, we had a briefing on our dive, which was going to be our first deep dive ever. A couple of us were nervous, but our valiant dive instructor was fearless and led us into the dive. Before getting into the water, we had a rocky start with someone not strapping their tank properly, luckily his buddy was there to help, so we saw that the buddy system works, and it is important. When we finally got over our mooring line and started our descent, we were down fairly quick; from the bottom, we followed the sand until we got to 80 ft, which took a couple of minutes. When we found our spot, we all kneeled down and oriented ourselves. This is when our dive instructor took out an egg and cracked it; what we saw next was by far the most amazing thing I think I’ve ever seen… The egg stayed together. We then sat for a few minutes messing around with the cracked egg; when we were done with our entertainment, it was back to scouring the sand; we did this for another couple of minutes before deciding to head back up before we got low on air. When we boarded the boat, we put all our gear up and got ready to eat lunch. The Dolphins returned from their first underwater photography dive, and we all sat down to some deli sandwiches with some hot sauce, which was gone pretty quickly. When we finished, we went through our wreck manual for tomorrow’s exciting Rhone’s wreck diving. I passed out about twice while reading it because I was so tired from all my day, but finally, I managed to finish all the knowledge reviews. For dinner, we had Mexican night and the chefs of the day prepared amazing Tacos.