Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today was the first time in all the 13 days here that I did not have to do any chores. I woke up to the smell of eggs and muffins, and lucky for me I did not have to wash the dishes or dry the pots! After a delicious breakfast, all of my shipmates and I were ready to begin our activities. The first rotation was the watersports. The boat was divided in two, half of us went waterskiing, and the other half went wakeboarding. I got up on the wakeboard for the first time; it was so fun. The second rotation was scuba diving. I was so excited; the day had come, today was the day of the deep dive. I went all the way down to 80 ft. It was my first time below 40 ft. And I am glad that I was able to dive this deep for the first time with all my ActionQuest buddies. The final rotation was a bit less exciting, but I still had fun. I learned how to make a monkey’s fist, and Sam taught me how to make a Turk’s Head bracelet. After the third rotation ended, Team Astrid headed back to the boat. We prepped up for the beach BBQ where we ate delicious hamburgers and hot dogs with all the staff and program members. The BBQ ended at 8, and we all came back to the boat, showered, and sang happy birthday to Andrew and headed off to bed.