Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

I be losing track of the days. The sea madness is in full effect… I swear on my peg leg it be day 14! After breaking bread with the crew, we set sail for Brewers Bay but me crew lied because there were no brews in site! Benjamin took the blame for the lie and walked the plank. At the bay, the Dolphins did the odd underwater-breathey-thing with their research and whatnot. Neptunes took a dip as well but minus the research. After several more hours of work on the deck, we set sail for Cane Garden Bay, where we be anchored for the night. Our galley slaves Aoife and Melissa prepared us a feast of peanut chicken and rice from the mythic land of Thai. We were boarded in the middle of the middle by none other than Allie from the accursed media team. There be nothing I hate more than these youngins and their fancy electro-slides and picture-takers. Aye, but that be neither here nor there. Here I sign off, I be seeing mermaids in the water from the madness.