Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

The 7 am wake-up call a tough one after the 4-hour dance we all had the night before. Today was announced to be a promising day: After an oatmeal breakfast, we sailed from Gorda Sound to Great Harbour, Peter (2 hours). The Dolphins attended an underwater photography lecture, and the Neptunes attended a deep diving lecture just before our deli sandwich lunch. The Dolphins and Neptune’s afternoon had little in common: Dolphins started by wakeboarding, they then dissected and studied the anatomy of a starfish which was a very interesting experience. A digital photography dive followed all of this. Neptunes passed their deep diver specialty and then went wakeboarding while the Dolphins were dissecting a starfish. After a tremendous Mexican dinner, Neptunes had a lecture on wreck diving while Dolphins where attending a lecture on research diving. Today was my favorite because I was offered a multitude of superb exciting activities such as driving a catamaran and taking on a skipper’s responsibilities.