Location: Marina Cay

Today was beautiful. This morning we woke up and said goodbye to lovely Mountain Point and sailed to the Chimneys for our second open water dive. The wind was strong and the sea was tumultuous, but by day 11 we have acquired our sea legs and there was no serious ocean induced nausea. Our second dive was wonderful. Being 40 feet from the surface for 30 minutes is so liberating, we could have dived all day. Our Questers Sophie and Allan snorkeled the area and really enjoyed themselves. After reviewing some dive skills we returned to our boat for chicken noodle soup, prepared for us lovingly by Allan and Peter. During lunch it began to rain and we huddled close to our bowls and each other to avoid getting wet(ter). Afterward, we set sail for Marina Cay where we had a chance to call our parents and peruse the shop’s plethora of tourist-friendly goods for snacks, batteries, and other essentials. After returning to the boat smiling, and full of chocolate, we had a bit of an unsavory incident with a clogged head. Our captain, Nick, was the shining hero of the story. We had tortellini for dinner and we’re all looking forward to tonight’s “mystery activity.” I suspect another Lifeworks forum. We can’t wait for tomorrow’s adventure, and we can’t believe the trip is halfway over 🙁