Location: Angkor Wat, Cambodia

After waking up sleepily from our beds, we hopped into the van and started our journey to the mysterious Cambodian temples. All along the way to the temples, our guide, Saron told us interesting facts about Cambodia and its history. Eventually, we entered the Angkor Wat complex, which contained most of the temples in the area. The temples were absolutely beautiful. The first temple we visited was Ta Prom. We enjoyed getting to walk through and learn about the stories that had been inscribed into its walls. When we had finished soaking up as much knowledge as we could about the Cambodia culture, we jumped back into the van and headed towards the next temple- Ta Nei. It was smaller a bit smaller, but there were also fewer people and set in the middle of the forest, so it seemed more mysterious. We had tons of fun taking crazy panoramas in the temple! When we were done being crazy, we took a short lunch break at a local restaurant where we ate traditional Cambodian food. As soon as lunch was over, we jumped back into the van and headed to the next temple called Bayon. Bayon was very interesting because of all the giant faces that were carved into the pillars scattered all around the temple grounds. After seeing the giant faces, we drove to the Royal Palace, where the old emperor would have ruled. In the center of the Royal Palace, there was a giant temple that we got to climb up. It was beautiful from the top; we could see most of the palace from up there and some of the surrounding temples. Sadly that was the last place we visited today, and we had to head back to our hotel. For dinner, we drove into town on Tuk-Tuks, which are small carriages pulled by motorcycles. After dinner, we headed back to our hotel and ordered delicious banana pancakes with ice cream on top! After a day full of fun and learning, we headed to bed because we had a long day of cycling ahead of us tomorrow.