Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we awoke to the gentle waves of Leverick Bay and had oatmeal, melon, and apples for breakfast! We started the day by sailing to Anegada; the trip was relaxing yet fun and full of laughs like the others. Some of the shipmates chose to sleep a bit, which I took part in, however even when awake the trip was calming and warm. We arrived at Anegada and took in the sights, yet it was going to take a bumpy dinghy ride to reach the cream-colored sand. However, it was nothing we couldn’t handle. We reached the beach and pulled the dinghy ashore and reveled in the beautiful little island we had sailed to. Some of us walked along the side of the island, and some of us took a photo shoot, either way, it was full of smiles and jokes that I will forever hold dear. After about an hour and seeing other shipmates from other boats we set off from the beach for another bumpy dinghy ride back to our Blue Tide. We set sail, and though it wasn’t as calm in the waves as our first sail, it was just at calm in our attitudes. We arrived back into Leverick Bay for the evening to set dinner and prepare for our night dive! Today was not your typical jam-packed rotation day, yet there’s something so nice about setting sail and working as a crew together.