Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

We woke up and made the rest of our bread into french toast. Once breakfast was done, a couple of people from Odyssea came over along with two instructors. We then began our sail to the Chikuzen. The sail was about two hours long, and it was fairly good weather until the end of our sail. Then the clouds approached and waves grew taller. After Sam had secured the lines for the other boats, we went down as three groups. The Chikuzen is a massive wreck that sits at the bottom around 77 feet. Many people saw several eagle rays. There were tons of barracuda. Even though the visibility was low, it was still an amazing dive. Once we surfaced, we noticed the waves had picked up. Everyone exited carefully. Once everyone was back onboard, it started to swell. A few people went out to play in the rain.

Once the storm had passed, we started for a sail to Muskmelon Bay. Another long sail back was filled with many people napping exhausted from the dive. At Muskmelon we anchored. Just after that, someone noticed something at the surface. A dolphin! In a flash, some of us were in the water with our masks. It was probably the coolest even anyone could ever hope for. It was so close! This was the first time that some people had ever even seen a dolphin. We had a huge boat appreciation by cleaning everything. Then we ate chili and rice. Now we are sipping tea before our DAN Oxygen video. All in all its been a great day. We are signing out, your friend, your family, your skipper.