Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was a very fun and interesting day. First, we started our day to a beautiful clear sunny sky. We all woke up very slow because we had a free rotation. Everyone was excited because it was laundry day, so we sent our clothes for a wash. Then we all hung out just waiting for breakfast. Today for breakfast, we had pancakes. We had banana pancakes and regularly topped with butter and Nutella. After breakfast, we were cleaning up when a shipmate of mine dropped a bucket overboard, and it sank to the bottom. I quickly got into my bathing suit, grabbed my mask, and went for an early swim for the bucket. After my first attempt with no fins, I then got them and swam down and retrieved the bucket. After that, we prepared for our first rotation. We then learned about clouds and the weather for sailing with Annie. Then we came down to talk about the engine with Gordo. After we took the boat out for practice with picking up mooring balls. When we got out, we assembled BOB (buoy on a bucket), threw him overboard, and assigned jobs. We had our skipper driving the boat, our hooker who would hook BOB, and our pointer. We did the exercises flawlessly.

Then we came back and prepared for lunch. We had my favorite lunch- grilled cheese. After lunch, we went to go and sail Picos. My partner Teddy and I were riding our Pico capsizing and having fun when all of a sudden, the sky opened and rained upon us. Then it rained and rained. Then it finally stopped, and we went to go scuba diving. This was a very big dive because it was the first open water dive for the Vegas, and they had a ton of fun. Tonight for dinner we are having summertime Thanksgiving, and I hope that it is delicious and I think that it will be.