Location: West End, Tortola

Today we woke up to a pleasant surprise of a huge amount of balloons in the staff’s cabin. Panasea successfully pranked us. We got them back though. Our plan involved ten water guns. Just when Panasea sat down for breakfast, we ambushed them on Zodiac. We got a bit bored, so we drove over to the closest sail side boat and shot them. We also attacked a few people in Grand Cru while they were still sleeping in their hammocks. After our successful attacks, we motored towards the Indians to have our last dive. My group saw a turtle, and we tried to swim closer, but it just swam away. We then got into a fin stealing party underwater. My mask got a lot of water in it from me laughing so much. We also saw a large trumpetfish and tiny juvenile angelfish. When we finished our dive, we started our big clean. We cleaned Aftica from bow to stern. We currently are docked on West End, which is our final destination on the entire trip. While motoring into the marina, I spotted a dolphin, and everyone got to see it. Tonight we have our final BBQ that everyone (dive side and sail side) is going to. All of us are very sad today is our last day, but we’re all excited to go home and see our friends and family. Aftica III feels like my second family, and I’m going to be sad when we say goodbye, but one of my favorite quotes says “don’t cry because its over, smile because it happened.”