Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

Day 15 started early to hike to the highest point on Tortola, Mount Sage. The hike started with a nearly vertical climb for a mile. You could have crawled up on all fours. I still have no idea how some of the more questionable cars were able to make it up. 2, and a half miserable hours later, under the sweltering sun, most people made it to the top. The descent was not much easier, however. Once I reached the bottom, my feet hurt, and my stomach ached enough to sit at the first restaurant that came into view. After destroying an oddly green chicken wrap, Joe, Pierce, and I headed down the beach in search of shops and more friends. At 1:15, we were herded back to the boats on dinghies and set sail for Sandy Cay. There we had a “sandcastle building competition.” Few very eager to volunteer their time to conjure up a design, so most people enjoyed their time at the beach and in the water. I broke my frisbee out for the first time, so I can finally say it wasn’t a waste of valuable space. After an hour and a half, we headed over to Sydney’s. The monohulls docked side by side, sterns to the dock. We stepped off the boat in our smart outfits listening to a DJ play some interesting remixes, to say the least. After a long night of socializing with other boats, eating jerk chicken, and getting our hair braided (y’all will see), we retired back to our boat exhausted and ready for a long night’s sleep.