Location: The Bight, Norman

I honestly believe today was one of the best days yet. Our day started at midnight when we all got up and pranked the other boats on dive side! As quietly as we could we sneak onto the other boats and zip-tied their clothes to the line. There were a few close calls (like when I almost fell in the water) but the prank was in general a success, and it was so much fun to watch them struggle in confusion this morning. We had a breakfast of yummy pancakes, and as soon as we were done we set off for the dive site of the day, the Fearless! The Fearless is a small wooden wreck that sunk just outside of GHP. The Fearless was a cool wreck even though it looked a little spooky. After we were done looking at the wreck, we played underwater by doing flips and handstand and making bubble rings! After we got out of the dive, we sailed to the biggest port, Road Town. We had lunch ashore, the boys got Chinese food, and the girls went to Pusser’s and afterward we all got ice cream at the Gelato place. On our way back to the boat after time ashore we went Blair and Mambo in our dinghy and completely soaked them! To add insult to injury, next was the race. We beat all of the boats and won the dive side trophy. After we anchored in Norman Island and we showered and made dinner while Sam and Meg went to a staff meeting. Dinner was delicious and after we started the best part of the trip, the cards. We all write cards to each other to say how much we mean to each other and we get them to bring home. Tomorrow we get to do the spyglass hike before sunrise, and I know we’re all ready to start another great day!