Location: West End, Tortola

All of us on Blue Venture are amazed about how quickly this trip has flown by! We’ve had a lot of great memories, and I know we all can’t wait to share them with our family and friends back home. The Neptunes got all their certifications in, including wreck and equipment specialties. As a Neptune instructor, I was amazed at all the effort and passion for diving; they all share with me during this trip. The Dolphins have wrapped up their projects, and the salon table looks empty without the labyrinth of colored pencils, notebooks, and textbooks. The presentations revealed an extraordinary effort that every group put into their subject of choice. Its a bittersweet moment waking up the next morning and realizing there were no more research dives to dive. A final attempt at turtle tagging and we are off to Road Town for another adventure. During the last half of our trip, we had some beach parties, tons of diving and a lot of fun! Some of the highlights are: Tillie, Jake, Teal, and Bridget all enjoyed the final wreck dive of a barge and tug boat. Mel was thrilled the Dolphin project was turned in. Ana, Ina, Lizzy, and Teal all enjoyed turtle tagging. Felix and Lizzy enjoyed the final night dive which they had to navigate by themselves (with buddies). Luigi was a rock star when it came to wakeboarding, and he helped teach other shipmates as well! Charlie loved the weather we have been having, and the sailor had we purchased in port. Will and Jake enjoyed all the diving and Izzy loved everything about the trip. We have all made great friendships and memories aboard Blue Venture. We will miss everyone, and we all hope to stay in touch!