Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today Breakaway started with a hefty breakfast of French toast prepared by Maria and Sela. After breakfast and cleanup, we headed to the Baths to start our rocky adventure of rock climbing and a few jumps off of “the jumping rock,” along with the small air pocket swim through the cave. We left the baths to head to Spanish town for a few hours of shore time, giving everyone some time to call home and friends. In Spanish Town, we headed to shore for lunch and buying snacks for the boat. We left first off the dock at 2:40 and began sailing down to Vixen Point while our Vega students had to watch the confined water 4 video as we sailed a speedy 8 knots upwind. We also learned how to make quick judgment calls while sailing. We arrived in Vixen Point around 5:15 and started cooking garden burgers for dinner. We invited one of the staff, Carlie, over for her birthday dinner along with cake. We are currently watching for our little oven to cook our cake for Carlie. Overall we had a long day with tons of laughs and mini dance parties while sailing.