Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

We were on the way to the Baths by 6:45. The Baths are this huge formation of rocks. It’s a giant labyrinth of passageways to underwater pools and caves. You have to climb and squeeze through giant rocks covered in algae, so they were super slippery. Tor made a deal with us that if we came back unscathed, she would make us brownies. As soon as we were climbing through the first rocks, somebody scraped their ankle. Tor doesn’t have to know that, so we get brownies anyway. On the outside of the Baths is a tall rock with a 20-foot drop that everyone jumps off of. I’ve never been a fan of heights, but it was amazing. I think everyone went twice. After that, we cleaned up and headed to Spanishtown. In Spanishtown we could roam around. Our boat has a horrible habit of all of us snacking at like 1 am. So we had to go to the market to restock. At about 1:30 we were back on the boat with our cake batter, Dora bandaids, and Pringles. Next, we set sail for Vixen Point with me at the helm. I sail 420s so I thought it would be easy. I’m used to very minimal movements to move, but with these boats, you need to turn sharp. At one point I messed up and accidentally jibed. The next hour and a half at the helm was not very easy. With a few reassuring words from Tor, we made it in one piece.