Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today’s main attractions were The Baths, a rock formation that we explored, and Spanishtown, a port town with a few shops and restaurants. The Baths were formed by a volcano and erosion over thousands of years. Students seemed to have a lot of fun swimming, exploring, and even jumping off a huge rock into a crystal clear ocean that was refreshing compared to the hot sun that was beaming down on us. After the Baths we motored to Spanishtown, where we had a delicious lunch consisting of mostly hamburgers and chicken sandwiches. Students could also buy snacks and candy which students, of course, took the opportunity to buy as much as they could. After we left, we sailed to Gorda Sound where we moored for the night. Then we had our usual sail chat and hunkered down for the night in our hammocks and had a good night’s rest.