Location: Mountain Point

Today was another amazing day at AQ. First, when we woke up, we enjoyed a hearty breakfast of oatmeal and fruit. After that, we got ready and set sail for the Baths. The Baths were a break-taking experience. The Baths have a long history too. A long time ago the British would bring slaves over from Africa and bathe them there. At the Baths we climbed around the many gigantic rock formations, swam in underwater caves, and jumped from massive boulders into the water. We then went to Spanish Town…the best burgers I have ever eaten in my life! We also bought many things from the supermarket to eat on the boat. At the end of the day, we went snorkeling and had our first-night dive at Mountain Point. This day was by far my favorite day so far, and I can hardly wait for the next day to come.