Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

This morning I woke everyone up at 6:30 to ensure that we were the first boat moored at the Baths to get the best spot. Indeed we were the very first boat there. Kris told us the story of the Baths, and then we headed in on our dinghy Buzz. While we were there, we climbed rocks, jumped off of them, swam into underwater caves, swam and explored the island caves. After a few hours, we ventured to the boat and headed to Spanish Town. Before we went into town we all Hibiclens showered. In town, we got amazing bacon cheeseburgers and smoothies. We all came back to the boat stuffed and headed out to Mountain Point. Once we arrived at Mountain Point, we snorkeled the area in preparation for our night dive. We then at our burgers for dinner and now we are waiting for our night dive. Marina swam, Meghann went up the mast, and Kris always amazes me so today was a great day.