Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

A 5:45 wakeup time is not generally something we look forward to. However, a trip to The Baths was something we willingly sacrificed our sleep for. Upon arrival to the colossal boulders, we jumped into the crystal clear water. For the next few hours, we jumped and dove into the water. Once we had tired ourselves and our staff out, we headed back to our boat and set sail. Each line coiled, and each sail trimmed was done as a team. Once we reached the dock of Spanishtown, we flooded the restaurants and ate, chatted, and called home to tell them that all was fine. Our next stop was the supermarket, where the dangers of letting us loose with our own money is dangerous. We now have sufficient junk food to fill a few hundred vending machines. Our final destination was Prickly Pear Island, where we dropped our anchors at Vixen Point. We then took our much-needed showers and sat together for dinner. For our daily question, each shipmate answered “the most embarrassing story” questions. From failed 911 calls to texts going to the wrong person, we heard it all.