Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we all woke up ready to sail our way to Virgin Gorda. At 6 am, we headed our way in our PFDs, half asleep, but excited. I sit at the stern overlooking the ocean awaiting our arrival and what a beautiful morning eating our delicious yogurt and bagels with cream cheese. As we ate, we looked out as the sun began to shine brighter and brighter. Our skipper Smash described our plan at The Baths of Virgin Gorda; we stepped into the dinghy one by one ready to get our day on. We headed over to the crystal blue water, and as a group, we all jumped in. Swimming our way to the beach, we all looked at each other with smiles on our faces. Arriving at the beach, we got out and took a group photo. We spent two hours at The Baths enjoying the time of our lives. Climbing on rocks and roaming around leads to Spanishtown. Getting back onto the dinghy and over to Blue Tide, we headed over to Spanishtown. We docked, and all got off, it’s time to explore! We all dispersed and headed in separate groups. I grabbed a smoothie and went to a local restaurant to eat a delicious burger. It was time to head out sailing. The wind was going through my hair and brushing against my face. What seemed like a short time we arrived in Vixen Point, getting our anchors down and showering. This concludes another day on Blue Tide, enjoying our trip.