Location: Savannah Bay

Today we woke up at 6am in the morning then we ate breakfast and got onto the dingy. When we were at the dock the other Lifeworks boat joined us for the hike. The hike was only about 20 mins but was steep and vigorous. When we got to the top we found out the history of the island that we had just conquered. The view was one of the best in the BVI! This was the island that Black Beard used as his main hideout for some time. We went back to the boats after signing the Geo-Cash, however before we got on the dingy we had to clean the dirt from our shoes. Then we ate second breakfast (delicious blueberry muffins) and set sail for about six hours. I got to drive the boat off the anchor and into the Drake Channel. Then some of us played cards and read. Now we are siting in Savannah Bay and me and my shipmates just had pasta with Alfredo sauce and gourmet hot dogs. It was great! 

-Eli D L