Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

The day started as I (the skipper) went around and woke everyone up. A good friend of mine named Bud was snoring, which was a different start, however later, we were off to go to the marina, and unfortunately, I lost my sunglasses to the depths of the oceans. Due to the virus that shall not be named, we had to dock up in Road Town for some of the crew to go and get tested as required by the BVI. It was a chill time on the boat as other Action Quest Vessels were there and could talk boat to boat whilst we waited. Next, when we took off again, I got to enjoy learning about different tools you could use for sailing as well as learning many different types of knots. When we got to our destination, we were able to snorkel the site we were doing our night dive at. There was a cave-like structure that opened up at the top. We then did the first of our night dive, which was cool; I can’t wait for the next. Overall I had a great day today, and I would definitely recommend this to many others.

Pictured: Setting up scuba gear for the night dive; Amélie, Zara, Zoe, Uma, and Whitney being photobombed by Jay; the same group before the night dive; learning how to tie knots; Jay striking a pose; Teddy and Uma on the hardtop; Daniel on the helm