Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up and immediately motored to The Baths. The day was filled with interesting adventures, including not being able to find “the jumping rock.” We all started off together and ended with splitting up into mostly 2s. Eventually, we all ended up meeting back at the rock. To say that some of us slipped is an understatement but it was definitely worth it. That water was probably the clearest I’ve ever seen. It was really sick. (Editor’s note: the Bavastro shipmates then had lunch in Spanishtown and learned points of sail and the cleat knot while motoring back to Savanna Bay). Then we ended our day with one of my favorite parts, showering. BTW the blog title is a quote from baby Ethan which he said after he did a sick flip off the rock. It’s really interesting to be so close to strangers. I feel like I’ve been here forever with this crew, and it’s only been two days. It’s also cool that everyone is so different, but we all sorta click. It’s weird. Usually, I am a judgy person, but I got so lucky with my crew, they are the best. P.S. please may there be sunshine tomorrow!