Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

Today was a calm day, but fun at the same time. I was the first to wake up (obviously because I was the skipper!). The chefs made scrambled eggs for breakfast, and it was delicious! I sailed the boat to a certain place. Bryant told me how to operate the boat at certain times. We set up our dive gear to wreck dive on a wreck called the Fearless. I dove with Meghann, and it was amazing. We went down 60 feet for 25 minutes. After that, we just chilled out on the bow of the boat for a couple of hours. Then we set up our dive gear again for another dive. Eventually, we went down in the water for a fun 30-minute dive. Now comes the good part…DINNER. The summertime Thanksgiving was very good. I made the chicken (even though I’m not the chef and it was amazing!). Lastly, we all had an inspirational talk with Mike. It completely changed my view of some people on the boat.