Location: Dry Tortugas, FT

Today was our last day at Dry Tortugas; we spent the day doing some team building and passage prep; I was also able to finish my open water diving certification with a final dive taking place this afternoon. Today’s team building took place on Loggerhead Key. During team building, we arranged ourselves into various letters while blindfolded. Our first letter was an “S,” followed by a “C”; once we had constructed these two letters, we then were tasked to see how many people we could fit on the castle (a tarp). Once the tarp was filled with bodies, we transitioned to putting ourselves into order without being able to see or talk. Needless to say, it was frustrating. Post team building, we moved onto passage prep; I organized everyone by giving them tasks that needed to be done and then went for a quick dive (the last one needed for my certification); lucky me, right? Anyways once I got back, we had a quick leadership class, and then I made sure all of the tasks had been done. I then discovered that we still needed to get the jib ready. After helping get the jib ready for passage, it was time for dinner. As a boat, we all savored over Robert’s and Smash’s delicious enchiladas.
-William H.