Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

Today we started by waking up and sailing to Salt Island. Once we got there, we got ready to dive the Rhone wreck. Not only was this a wreck dive but a deep dive as well reaching depths of over 70 ft below. After the awesome dive, we got ready to hike with all of the dive side. Even though it was raining, we all went to the highest point of the island and saw their saltwater lakes. Also on the island, we saw the memorial for all of those lost in the Rhone wreck. After we all sail back to Great Harbour, Peter where we snorkeled around our boat to get familiar with other areas we will be diving at later that night. While snorkeling, we all attempted to free dive down to our anchor to tough just about 40 feet. After we had a relaxing afternoon of hanging out on the boat. We had many attempts to catch the seagulls that flock our boat. We tried lots of ways, but the funniest was throwing the bread crumbs then diving off the boat into the flock. All though we were unsuccessful, there is always tomorrow. Tonight we get ready to go off on our own and practice our navigation skills and explore the nightlife.