Location: Marina Cay

Today we woke up to the motor turning on, and the boat taking us to the dive site called The Chimneys. We took a mooring ball off of the island of Great Dog. Vegas enjoyed their second open water dive. We went down at about 7:30 am and saw some amazing coral formations around large rocks, with schools of fish swimming all around. After our dive, we had to hang out on the other boats while they dove off our boat. When everyone was done diving, we went back to our boat to find lunch had been already made by our staff. After lunch, we sailed on smooth waters to Marina Cay. There we found a nice store with lots of souvenirs and a few snacks. We stayed at the port for an hour and got to call home. We then went back to our boat. After a bit of relaxing, we had a delicious dinner of tortellini with marinara sauce. We have a Lifeworks session with the entire ActionQuest fleet planned for tonight. It is supposed to be a special session called the tape.