Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Day 10: Wyatt

Thursday: Today, we had a much-needed late start. For breakfast, we had some burritos with leftovers from last night’s tacos. Our favorite staff member Cari came to sail with us for the day and give us company. Early into our sail, we came upon a problem; the dingy line got tangled in the port propeller. Davis got in the rough water and cut the line free. We had to return to our anchorage to cut the rest of the line free from the prop, so we got some extra chill time for lunch back on anchor. For lunch, we had some Tuscan white bean soup. After finishing our meal, we headed back out to sail, making sure to keep the dingy line far from the propellers. Today was the first time we were given the task of setting sail by ourselves, Spencer R. took the lead, and we successfully got underway. When we returned from our sail, we all showered and prepared for our Thanksgiving dinner; our chefs Mackenzie and Cordelia pulled through and made a delicious meal. Then we ended the night with some socializing as usual. We are all excited for a big diving day tomorrow!