Location: Bora Bora

Today was another amazing day in the most beautiful islands of the Pacific. We did a 2 tank dive which were both incredible. On the first dive we saw so many sharks it almost became a norm. There were at least a dozen black tipped sharks and lemon sharks throughout the dive. In addition we saw some eagle rays and manta rays up close. Even more animals we saw were sand flounder and eels. Lastly we saw a massive ras. To add on to an already amazing day in Bora Bora we got to go to shore at night for dinner at an restaurant and to watch the local dance competition for independence day. The restaurant was great, it had Chinese food and burgers and was set up very cool. To top off the awesome day we saw a traditional Tahitian dance, and band competition. The dancing was really fun to watch even 15/16 year olds were in the finals. The local bands who were playing were really, really good and fun to watch. We got back to the boat at 10:30 pm, but at least we got to sleep in the next morning!!!