Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today we woke up to a beautiful sunrise in Marina Cay. Getting to wake up at 7:30 was great. One of the highlights of my day was breakfast, we had about 30 pancakes. We then left the anchorage. Later we arrived at Trellis Bay for lunch. While we were at port many of us called our parents and went shopping. We then started on our way to our next destination. Once we left we began taking turns at the helm, practicing man overboard skills. Our man overboard was a fender with a bucket attached to it. After a few failed attempts we finally got the hang of it. While we were sailing we also practiced knots. Once we arrived at Muskmelon Bay on the Guana Island we started swimming and showering. We also made a boom swing. Some people were able to flip off of it, I kept trying to but was unable to flip but I will do it next time. Today was really fun and I can’t wait for tomorrow.