Location: Swimming with sharks

Today was a very eventful day. Starting at one in the morning with the sight of a comet and a passing boat in the distance. The comet lit up the sky and the sea like a bolt of lightning, leaving a gleaming streak in the sky. Around the same time there was a large tanker (approx. 400ft) passing us to starboard ten miles away, this was the first boat we have seen since embarking on our trans-Atlantic journey. After the usual morning routine of switching watches and eating breakfast, we had a normal day with our marine biology class and our sailing class. It was all normal until the engine turned off and Kevin told us that we were going to swim in the middle of the Atlantic ocean! We heaved-to and then dropped a ladder and jumped into the water at 34° 59’ N 50° 54’ W, which had a depth of over 6000 meters. After doing something that almost no one can say they have done, we continued our crossing, still motoring due to the lack of wind. We also had a huge tanker pass within a half-mile of us. While underway we came across a fishing net, which was floating on the surface and was full of fish and we attempted to pull up on to the deck, but could not due to the weight. That is pretty much what we did today; we still have a few hundred miles until we reach the Azores, which will take a few more days.