Location: Stockholm

Can this get any more fun?

Granted, we were up until midnight last night. And the sheer amount of ice cream and chocolate alone should have left us bedridden for the day, but we are superstars, and we will always answer the bell.

The after-effects of pizza night and sucrose overload led us to have a light breakfast. Wilks eyeballed the Toberlone bar like it was on the breakfast menu, but she is mighty and resisted. After a leisurely breakfast, we took the tram to Skansen. Skansen is an amalgam of an outdoor zoo and national heritage site.

Most of the animals found shelter in the shade and didn’t move much. I think the pig and wolverine did the most movement. Actually, most of the action was outside the cages. Squirrels and ducks would eat out of your hands. And the plethora of screaming children and tangle of strollers made for hazardous navigation along the park’s trails.

The buildings are original buildings that were relocated after careful restoration. They typically date back to the 14th century or later. Included in the park are working exhibits of the early period of Swedish civilization, including a blacksmith shop, glass blowing, engineering, a tannery, and a bakery. We spent most of the day wandering around looking at the animals, exhibits, and eating ice cream. Towards the end, there was a manor that had a trio playing lovely pieces by Bach and Handel. The Cellist, Violinist, and Flutist were period dressed. They played in the grand room, and the guest sat around them as they performed. It was very nice with the garden and large windows in the background.

We called it a day after 4hrs. The highlights being walking on stilts, the outdoor BBQ, and the ice cream. We headed back to the boat for the sugar crash and a decent meal. After a short recess, a small group of the brave and beautiful headed to the ABBA Museum for silly fun. And if you ever, ever get the chance, go! There were some embarrassing moments recorded that were soon after deleted. We plundered the gift shop and went home by way of the local market.

Sarah summoned up a nice dinner of chicken, green beans, rice, and rolls. It was fantastic!!!

Our evening finished with an evening program focused on the Viking civilization and its end. This, of course, leads into tomorrow’s adventure……Birka!!