Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

The day started off in GHP with a few of my shipmates getting woken up by a rainstorm after sleeping on deck in hammocks. After breakfast, we cleaned the boat, and then Lucia, Evan, Sela, and Lilah did some divemaster training while the rest of the team got the boat ready for our first official real sail to Savanna Bay. During the sail, Liam, Veronica, Calista, Parker, and ML all took turns on the helm, and Matt worked with Hedrek on navigation. The sail was going great until a storm blew from out of nowhere, and we all got soaked but used it as an opportunity to bond with each other and even had some good laughs after the storm blew over. When we got to Savanna Bay, the divemasters went on a review dive while Parker, Liam, Aiden, and Matt got some time on the wakeboard boat, but unfortunately, another storm blew in, so only Parker was able to get a ride on the wakeboard. After the storm blew over, the divemasters went on a tank run while the open waters did some dive theory. After a great and eventful day on the water, we finished the day off with dinner and a squeeze to bring us closer, where a few of us learned we have the same places we want to visit someday. As the night was coming to an end and the deckies Aidan and Liam were cleaning up the table and back of the boat when they caught a little fish that we are making our boat fish mascot (no fish we harmed).