Location: Sandy Spit

This morning we got to start the day with a breakfast of pancakes cooked by our wonderful chefs. After cleaning up, we motored to Green Cay. We then set up our dive gear to do our fourth and final search and recovery dive. We had to search a 100 ft x 100 ft square using patterns that we had learned to find an object. Our boat was split up into two groups, one finding our secondary anchor, the other a weight belt. The anchor group found their object in minutes while my group had a lot more difficulty. The 7 of us surfaced a few times trying to regroup and make a new plan until finally, we didn’t have enough air to go back down again. Therefore we had a surface interval for lunch. While we were all cooking and relaxing, we were surprised by our first rescue scenario! Four “panicked” divers (who were three staff and a shipmate) had shot to the surface, and we had to use the knowledge and skills that we had learned to save the divers. Some people had already been in the water snorkeling, so they reached the divers first followed by a few people who had geared up to jump in and help. Once getting the divers onto the boat and our of their gear, we administered oxygen and first aid as needed until everyone was taken care of. We then discussed what we did well and what we could use some improvement but overall we impressed our counselors with how well we put our skills to use. After lunch of Ramen noodles, the weight belt group hopped back in the water to complete our dive. We finally found it after at least an hour total underwater time spent searching. Then some of our shipmates went to the Playgrounds for a fun dive while others stayed back to relax and nap. It was a very eventful day with lots of time spent on the water!