Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today the boat woke up around 7:30, and the staff headed off for a morning meeting. During this time, we slowly woke up, had breakfast, and played a variety of games. When the staff came back from their meeting, we got underway for a short boat trip to Green Cay. At this dive site, we conducted a research dive and saw many different kinds of fish. After, we were underway again through a rather rough sea towards another destination called the Playgrounds. In this dive site, there was a lot of diversity of life, consisting of barracudas, multiple sharks, Needlefish, and many Parrotfish. The chaos began when one of the groups accidentally surfaced around 50 ft away from the boat. After some confusion, all students were on board, and we left again to dock for the night. We had dinner with 2 staff member guests: Max from the dive compressor boat and Ally from the media team. Now we are cleaning and dancing to throwback 2000s pop music.

Pictured: Daniel, Whitney, and Uma getting ready for the research dive; Finnley and Amélie in the power tower, Zoe getting ready to descend at Green Cay; the view from the power tower this morning; the students doing a Lifeworks Forum goal-setting activity