Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

We woke up bright and early in White Bay, Peter Island. After a rainy motor over to Wreck Alley, Cooper Island, we moored and went diving. It was one of the coolest dives I’ve done. There were four shipwrecks in Wreck Alley, and we got to check out everyone. Ian and I each saw a barracuda, and we all enjoyed a really sweet dive. After lunch, we headed out for Savanna Bay. We raised our sails fully reefed in the protection behind Cooper Island, excited to go sailing. Once we got out of the protection of the Island, we faced 30-knot puffs and rough seas. Most of the boat went and sat on the bow, getting hit by wave after wave, smiling and laughing. Once we got to some calmer water, I got to steer, and that was something I’ve missed. The day was filled with naps due to the squalls that rolled through the night before.