Location: The Dogs

After a semi-sleepless night due to variable rain showers, the members of Pure Joy woke up to a breakfast of eggs and blueberry Brownies. We quickly got out on our way to our next destination… a plane wreck. This was our boat’s first chance for a wreck dive so people were pretty hyped up. Then, in a flash we were ready for the dive in full gear. We proceeded down into the wreck site and what a site it was! All sorts of crazy cool stuff surrounded the site and an aura of excitement and mystery clouded over the physical plane itself. We explored every nook and cranny and surfaced very excited. Jerry the Cherry (our big red inflatable gummy bear) was almost lost but a dinghy trip saved him. After splitting up for our lectures (Fish ID, Rescue, and Underwater Naturalist), we all came back for a dinner of Veggie Burgers! Over all, it was quite a solid day!