Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Over the past eight days, the feeling on our boat has quickly shifted from awkward to family-like. Today was a relaxing day filled with laughter. In the morning we sailed for 3 and a half hours to Great Harbor on Peter Island. We scuba dived among the reefs and many types of cool fish. The Neptune students enjoyed their first deep dive to 70ft while the dolphin students tried underwater photography for the first time. Although we completed different dives with different objectives, we all came together to share our amazing stories afterward! After our dives, we ate lunch in the cockpit while laughter filled the bay. The rest of the day we just hung out together singing songs and telling jokes. Some swam, and some waterskied in the afternoon. We did a squeeze on top of the boat with the beautiful sunset in the background. Today has been an eventful and amazing day, and I can’t wait to spend more of them with all these great people!