Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

6:15 am was beautiful down here. The sunshine began to peak over the island. It was magnificent. But it was over soon as was breakfast (oatmeal for the breakfast enthusiast). The Baths, named after their involvement in the slave trade, were amazing. They were large rocks cracked at 90-degree angles then carved by the ocean. Every rock had life in it and we all enjoyed exploring. After the baths, we set sail to Spanish Town. Yay, shopping! Snack food and giant burgers! From stuffed turtles to gummy candies we stocked up the boat. Cards, as it turns out, are a must for a boat full of teenagers without cell phones. Jacob and Samantha are sneaky with their card tricks. After calling or texting home we set sail for our night dive location. We reached nine knots, not that many shipmates noticed since reading and sunbathing is a nice way to pass the time while sailing. After mooring for the night we did some boat appreciation (cleaning) and now our boat is the prettiest boat around. Snorkeling to check out the site for tonight allowed us to get a better concept of where we will be diving (full of life, but no sharks). We set up for the night dive and ate dinner. Now it’s time to clean up and get ready to night dive. It’s going to be awesome!