Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We started the day a little late due to an alarm clock failure, so we set sail immediately after we woke up. I was excited right from the get-go as sailing is my favorite part of being skipper. It was a relatively cloudy and damp day. The winds were howling all day which made for ideal sailing conditions. But before I sailed at all, we visited West End. It was an odd feeling being at the place where we started our trip and where we will eventually end it. A large part of the afternoon was taken up by the sail to GHP, in which just like last year, I reached the top speed of the session (thanks to gusty winds). As we arrived at GHP Becca accidentally dropped her sunglasses in the water. We got to use our newly found search and recovery skills in a full-fledged effort to find them. After an interesting dive, we managed to recover them: your friend, your family, your skipper.