Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today we woke up to a beautiful morning and had cereal. The Vegas had another dive today, and so did the Barracudas. There was an awful storm during lunch that drenched some people. Anyways, back to the diving. Everybody passed the scuba diving test, which is a huge relief to some people, including me, but so far the diving has been awesome! I want to dive a lot when I get home now! Jonny and I made a lot of funny quotes, but we don’t remember most of them. We have been playing cards a lot today, but mostly the game type Speed. So far the program is awesome, and it seems like we have lived here forever! It’s going to be sad about leaving. We just got back laundry here, and it’s like Christmas! Well, I can’t wait for our next dive and neither can anybody else!