Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Sailing Curls day 10 was a very peculiar day, as we were mostly sailing the entire day. We woke up in the morning by getting told that we had to change boats so we could fill Sambamba’s boat with water at the closest port. We were excited because this meant we could sail and relax the entire day. On the way to this port, we had a four-hour sail. It was a very calm sail and all we did the entire way was learn how to jibe. As we got there it was very hot and we were all starving from not eating in a while, so our awesome staff Gwen and David made us PB+Js and deli sandwiches. It was a lovely meal and we cooled off by jumping in for a quick dip after we filled up and water. The sail ride home we decided to open our jib as well as our mainsail. We were heeling a lot, which meant we were going fast and efficiently until a massive storm came and got us all soaked. It was so crazy windy that it was freezing and we had to huddle in a circle and David dumped water on us and it kept us warm. At the end of the day, we finished it off with a sail chat.