Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up around 6:30, it was clear out, and the boat was playing music. Everyone then put away around 7 hammocks and had breakfast (yogurt and bagels). After that, we went on an hour boat ride to Cooper Island, where we dove on Blue Chromis Reef for around 25 minutes; we saw a smooth trunkfish, a grouper, and lots of blue Chromis after we had lunch and took another boat ride (4 hours), to Savanna Bay. While on this boat ride, we attempted to sail for a little but were caught up in a large squall lasting an hour or so. I proceeded to sleep through the whole boat ride while some of the crew members rode out their seasickness. Due to the high wind and rain, we arrived late in the afternoon. After hanging out on the boat, we took a sea shower and then filled out our dive logs. For dinner, we had Mac and cheese, hotdogs, and onions. We had a squeeze with the question of “what is your goal for this trip.” Now it is about to storm again, and we are all rushing to clean up dinner. Overall a pretty good day with minor setbacks that were still fun all the same.

Pictured: Staff member Sarah trying to raise the energy levels during our sail; some shipmates on the tramp; Finnley and staff members Liam and Mara in the power tower; more shipmates on the tramp; students filling out their PADI knowledge reviews