Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today was a ridiculously bitter-sweet day. We started by having a scenario before breakfast for the rescue divers, to which we were told we had a great response time. We now officially rescue divers! After awesome chocolate pancakes, we went to the Rhone Anchor for a dive. My buddies were David and Alex, and of course, we took off our fins and played around on the bottom before doing anything else. After the dive, we went to Rhode Town for lunch where Tomas, David, and I made it into the center of the city to find more shops. When we were all back on the boat, we were informed that there was to be an impromptu sail race to the Bight which we started with the techno version of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song. Of course, with Charter on the helm, we won the race and started to make dinner and shower once anchored. The reality of the end of the session sunk in when we discussed B.A. (boat appreciation) and our cards to each other. It has been a long night with most of us just finishing up our cards, except for Aubree who was steamrolled by Marina so she could wake up and finish her cards. Tomorrow we will embark on our last dive at the Indians which will be my 40th dive (a prerequisite for my dive master training next session!). I honestly don’t know what I am going to do without this family! I love every one of them.