Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Hello MTV, welcome to my crib! To begin, a few willing members of the crew woke up at dawn to dinghy over to Sandy Spit and watch the sunrise over a cup of tea. We then proceeded to head back to the ship to start our day. Following breakfast, the student skippers from all of the vessels gathered to discuss the race that we would be having on our way to West End, Tortola. I reported the details of the race to my fellow shipmates and proceeded to take the helm and sail as a team to West End. After we arrived my friends and I walked over to Omar’s Cafe, which coincidentally shares its name with the writer of this blog. After lunch, the skippers met once again to discuss the second race, which would end at Peter Island. This race was much more difficult as it required the teams to travel upwind, which consisted of much more sail maneuvering. Once we anchored, we were all exhausted from a long day of sailing and decided to eat dinner, have a brief lesson on sailing, and call it a day.