Location: White Bay, Peter Island

Today was a big day. It was our first day on the water. Everybody was very excited and keen to start this year’s adventure. We sailed over to Peter Island with people taking turns driving. The top speed of the day was 8.7 knots, achieved by yours truly. We got to Peter Island and had lunch. Lunch was PB and J sandwiches which we all gulped down, eager to get into the water. After lunch, we had our swim test and treaded water for 10 minutes. After we passed, we briefed on our first dive. We then set up our gear and jumped in. Our dive today was a skill check dive. We had to demonstrate our abilities to clear our masks, have neutral buoyancy, and save our buddy who was “out of air”! Then we came up, debriefed, and our chefs started cooking. We had pasta Alfredo with leftover chili. After dinner we had an introduction to Dive-Side and the instructors and had a knowledge review, Then it was time to got to bed!