Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today we woke up early at the dock at West End. Almost everyone got minimal sleep, but we started with a balanced breakfast of cereal and fruit, mostly apples. Then we sat down to hear Mike, the director, talk about rules and safety. Then we left the dock and I, the skipper, sailed the boat to Norman Island, and we did laps around the boat and also trod water for ten minutes for the swim test. Then we took a dinghy to another ActionQuest boat called Sailing Curls. It is the dive boat of the group. We then went snorkeling in a cave, which was very enjoyable. Then we took the dinghy back and showered and prepared dinner. We feasted on sloppy joes because we were famished from all of the swimming. To finish off the day we all watched the sunset together. Now I’m sitting in the cabin surrounded by my new friends. Signing out!